I work as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator in the Netherlands. I have worked and traveled extensively in North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. This lifelong journey has deepened my grasp of design and art culture while also igniting my passion and creativity. I have over 25 years of experience as a brand designer, and I enjoy using my art skills to give my designs a more human and individual feel.

Deep listening and genuine empathy are two of my talents, and they enable me to bring my clients’ visions to life in my professional work. I work as a creative partner and use a values-based approach to discover and amplify what makes each brand special.



'I can't wait'

I collaborated with Miss Mavrik (Toolroom Records) and Fab Morvan of the iconic Milli Vanilli group, taking on various roles in directing, shooting, editing and co-producing the track, resulting in a remarkable music video production experience.


'A Little Respect!'

As a filmmaker, I directed, shot, edited, and even did the intros and outros, using Adobe Premier® & After Effects®. Filmed with Canon 5D. The process of making this music video was  fantastic, and Amsterdam was the ideal venue, with established techno DJ Desiray Saija.



Crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites through innovative web design is my expertise. I transform ideas into exceptional digital experiences, enhancing online presence.


Ever shared a business card that left a lasting impression, or seen a poster that turned heads? That's the power of offline presence, and I'm dedicated to bringing that magic touch to your brand.


We embark on a journey of discovery. I delve deep into your brand's essence, understanding your values, mission, and vision. This exploration lays the foundation for a logo that reflects your identity.


Abdelilah's collaboration on select event designs for Ministry of Sound London has been invaluable. His innovative approach and keen eye for capturing the essence of each event have greatly contributed to the success of our promotional campaigns. We highly appreciate

Ministry of Sound (London) Joe Strong

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of the "SPINHUIS" book, especially Aya Musa and Abdelilah Amraoui.

Prof. dr. J.C. (Jan) Rath Professor of Urban Sociology at the University of Amsterdam

Abdelilah is a detail- and process-oriented individual with a fantastic knack for creativity in a project. A true leader among people, with great ability to lead a multi-faceted team. He is truly reliable and very methodical individual. It is always

Bakroom Media (Ireland) Christian Boshell - IEMA Winner of Best Record Label in Ireland

I’m continually impressed by the creativity and precision of Abdelilah Amraoui. His work is nothing short of exceptional, turning ideas into visual masterpieces.

Sam de Wit Re-Play / Samplu Events / Bo Monde

Quick - creative - collaborative - execute - quality - deliver - trusted. This is how I would describe Abdelilah in words.

Anuar Stand-up comedian

Working with you was an absolute pleasure and you absolutely crushed it with the BRAND IDENTITY of our music label!

Gwendoline van Gulijk Co Founder - Repressure Recordings

Abdelilah's techno events, organized in collaboration with Repressure Recordings, were a resounding success at Panama Amsterdam. His meticulous attention to detail and visionary approach transformed our venue into a pulsating hub of energy and creativity. Abdelilah's events consistently drew enthusiastic

Panama Amsterdam René Vidal

I am a perfectionist and strive to find someone who shares the same vision and goals. I experienced the same vibe with Abdelilah, he's very easy to deal with & thinks along with you from web development, SEO to promotion!

Beauty by HF Hakima (Founder)

Abdelillah is a free spirit who isn't afraid to think and do things differently, going beyond the usual limits.

Brahim Bourzik Former city council member of Rotterdam & Editor-in-Chief of 'Moslimkrant'.

I use Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®, Premiere®, After Effects® and Acrobat Pro® through the All Apps plan, plus the huge library of fonts included with any level of Adobe Creative Cloud® subscription.

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