How I Teamed Up with Love & Hiphop star Somaya Reece to Craft an Exciting Pop Music Journey

Somaya Reece’s incredible journey, from the heart of South Central LA to the pop music scene, reality TV, and entrepreneurship, sets the stage for our collaboration. My journey with Somaya, which includes remixing her hit track ‘TRAMP,’ showcases her talent, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

Despite the geographical distance between the Netherlands and the States, our collaboration proves that, in today’s digital age, creativity knows no borders. Our partnership, initiated through DM and email, brought the world closer, allowing us to create something extraordinary.

This journey, coupled with a tribute to my mentor and friend, Alex Dijksterhuis, who imparted valuable insights into the business side of music and may his soul rest in peace, underscores the power of collaboration in pop music.

With the track featured a couple of times on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York,’ which added a powerful layer to my incredible musical journey, it’s an empowering example of breaking boundaries, showing that from Instagram to email to crafting a remix, the world of opportunities is wide open if I take the leap. I hope my story as a creative motivates you to embrace collaboration and relentlessly chase greatness, no matter where you start. In the world of music and ambition, the possibilities are endless, and your dreams are yours for the taking.

Silently Yours,