Volkskrant: ‘I want to motivate young people and keep them off the streets’

Written by Eva de Waal for Volkskrant Magazine / SEP 2016

Where should we know you from?

“I am a creative mind. I design fashion, produce music, and engage in youth work. I find it important to motivate and encourage young people and to keep them off the streets. In 2004, I connected with Dutch rapper Ali B, and together, we established geweigerd.nl. He was involved in the music release of geweigerd.nl, which aimed to draw attention to the refusal policy at nightclubs, supporting our cause.”

Have you ever been refused entry while going out?

“Quite often. I am a Moroccan and grew up in the Netherlands. Yet, during a night out, I am sometimes denied entry with some excuse that the party is for members only. Nonsense: I believe that no one should ever be judged based on their background. I have created T-shirts with this message.”

You don’t just design T-shirts.

“That’s correct. I’m also starting a shoe line. I buy my own sneakers on sale and then give them my own twist. I put spikes on the side of one pair, and the other pair I cover with leather. I dislike it when I see people wearing the same as me.”

Favorite place:

“Dubai. There, the sky is the limit. I not only like the weather but also the people. They clearly make use of their talents.”

Life motto:

“Just do it. This is also Nike’s slogan. I hate it when people say, ‘I wish I had tried it.’ In the Netherlands, you have so many opportunities, so seize them.”

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